About Me

So, I never grew up wanting to be an actor.
To play for North Melbourne footy club. That was it.
Or Cricket for Australia. I just missed out on both.

My mum loved movies.
She was a bit of a star of the Silver Screen edition
of Trivial Pursuit. We reckon she cheated.

I loved sport. Acting came later on in life.
I guess I was looking for myself and I found acting.
Then acting helped me find myself.
I’ve trained with some great teachers like
Eric Morris in the US and Peter Kalos in Australia.

Speaking French is a battle that I’m constantly tackling.
I don’t mind a bit of meditation to settle the multi-ball brain.
I like kicking the footy and whacking a few tennis balls.

Cooking. That’s one of life’s pleasures.
I don’t have a dishwasher unfortunately.
Live right near the beach. Good for the soul.
Don’t think my goldfish is aware.
Can be deep.
Who doesn’t like travelling?